just submitted to the Tiny Desk Concert contest

Saint Augustine spent a Sunday afternoon last weekend recording video for submission to the Tiny Desk Concert. We really enjoyed the process, and got some create videos out of it as well. Sadly our percussionist Jimmie Newton was ill and couldn’t make the filming, but we’ll see him and his cymbal crew at next week’s practice.

Enjoy the video!

performing at the Vista del Rio PorchFest on October 4th (Tucson, AZ)

My band Saint Augustine will be playing this PorchFest on the afternoon of October 4th. We’ll be playing a song with folk rocker Kristie Cunningham of the Shameless Flirts as well, who performed with me at the last Unplugged Wine Bar last month.

Come out and enjoy lots of great musical acts, great food and a wonderful atmosphere.

PorchFest event on FB

Shameless Flirts – shamelessflirts.com

Barry 7.1.13

the start of Saint Augustine

Last year, after beginning to play shows following the release of ‘Strange Slumber: Music for Wonderful Dreams’, I started to assemble talented musicians to assist me in performing the live version of the weaving sounds of that album. As we practiced and performed together, we began to write new material that sounded much different than the solo Barry James instrumental work we were performing. And we were really enjoying the process.

And thus Saint Augustine was born. More to follow.

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